Production Experience

Scripted/Film –

Add’l Set Production Assistant | Cobra Kai | Scripted | Mesquite Productions Director/Executive Producer/Writer: Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg | Producer: Bob Wilson | Executive Producer(s): Josh Heald, James Lassater, Caleeb Pinkett | 1st AD: Dieter H. Busch | Key 2nd AD: Alicia Hailey Daniels | 2nd 2nd AD: Kevin Berg, Kenny Vasquez

Set Production Assistant (Background) | Old Man and the Gun | Scripted | Old Man Director/Writer: David Lowery | Executive Producer/UPM: Patrick Newall | Producer: Robert Redford, Jim Stern, Toby Halbrooks, James Johnston | 1st AD: Joey Stewart | Key 2nd AD: Lisa Mall

Set Production Assistant (Background) | The Gifted (Pilot) | Scripted | 20th Century Fox
Executive Producer/Director: Bryan Singer | Executive Producer/Writer: Matt Nix | Executive Producer: Lauren Shuler Donner, Jeph Loeb, Jim Chory, Derek Hoffman | Line Producer: Neal Ahern | 
1st AD: Dan Lazarovits | Key 2nd AD: Richard Oswald | 2nd 2nd AD: David Riebel, Brendon Breece | 2nd Unit 1st AD: Jeremy Slade Haak | DGA Trainee: Victoria House

Add’l Set Production Assistant | Queen of the South 2 | Scripted | USA – TVM Productions   Executive Producer: David T. Friendly, Natalie Chaidez | Producer: David Boyd, Judd Rea, Ben Lobato UPM: Sarah Donohue | 1st AD: Dieter H. Busch, John Jon Perez | 2nd Unit 1st AD: And Budman, Angie Meyer, Gleason Barber | Key 2nd AD: Dawn Terashima | 2nd 2nd AD: AJ Ledesma, Lisa Mall

Commercial/Reality –

Production Assistant | Reset – Ford | Commercial | GTB – Reset Productions                Director: Diego Contreras | 1st AD: Aaron Paulson | 2nd AD: Patrick Gorman | 2nd 2nd AD: AJ Ledesma | Producer: Jonathan Dawes | Production Supervisor: Max Simpson | Commercial  Coordinator: Amanda Hyden

Production Assistant | SMU – Siemens | Commercial | Ogilvy & Mather – Missing Pieces Director: Josh Nussbaum | 1st AD: Joey Stewart | 2nd AD: AJ Ledesma | Producer: Mike Prall Production Supervisor: Adam Donaghey | Commercial Coordinator: Kelly Burns |

Production Assistant | American Airlines 777 | Commercial | Stewart Cohen              Director: Stewart Cohen | 1st AD: Andi Budman | 2nd AD: AJ Ledesma | Producer: Nancy Wiliams | Production Manager: Ruby Lorenzana 

Production Assistant | Phillips 66 | Commercial | Park Pictures – Carmichael Lynch – Matre Director: Chris Wilcha | 1st AD: Peter Jackson | 2nd AD: David Glynn | Producer: Alec Sash Production Supervisor: Max Simpson | Assistant Production Supervisor: Maxine Haynes

Production Assistant | Choctaw Casinos | Commercial | The Richards Group – Bunker Director: Warren Fischer | 1st AD: Gleason Barber | 2nd AD: Dana Sherman | 2nd 2nd AD: AJ Ledesma | Production Supervisor: Jim Askew | Assistant Production Supervisor: Maxine Haynes

Production Assistant | Legends, AT&T Stadium | Commercial |The Marketing Arm – King and Country Director: Rick Gledhill | 1st AD: Bradley Boyer | 2nd AD: David Glynn | Producer: Cisco Newman Production Supervisor: Emily Askew | Assistant Production Supervisor: Jim Askew

Production Assistant | Under Armor, PGA Tour Superstore | Commercial | 22 Squared – Director: Jeff & Pete: | 1st AD: Darrin Isbell | 2nd AD: AJ Ledesma | Producer: Malcolm Wax |  Production Supervisor: Brett Cassel Assistant | Production Supervisor: Jim Askew

Production Assistant | Frito-Lay | Commercial | The Marketing Arm – The Bear           Director: Berndt Mader | 1st AD: Gleason Barber | 2nd AD: Doug Silver | Producer : Janice Woods Production Supervisor: Shane Greb | Production Coordinator: Katie Heim

Production Assistant (Staff) | Fast N Loud 4 | Reality | Discovery – Pilgrim Studios
Executive Producer: Craig Piligian, Eddie Rohwedder | Line Producer: Jeanette Gardzelewski
Production Manager: Brian Rooker | Supervising Producer: Steve Korkis |Sr. Producer: James Barcenas