New Short Film Project Reveal!!

10/5 – when you overthink a short script for a month

So I can finally announce that my entry to the Rack Focus Film Competition is underway! I finished the script, along with my co-writer Aaron Bowyer, and it’s officially out to the masses (well, my two trusted editors and naysayers). I’m feeling antsy and like I definitely forgot something every five seconds, but I realize that that’s just part of the process. I want to jump on every little thing that’s coming up but past experiences taught me not to grab all the hats at once. Since this is my first project since Demon Sorority Lumberjacks, I really have weird expectations for it. I’m working on getting past that still, but I’m really looking forward to production of Estate Sale.

Check it out! I made it to the Filmmakers Page!

I’m going to try to document this production a little better this time around, if anything but to learn from this experience. We’ll get some social media started up for this soon and I’ll continue to share more along the way!

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